Sahara Desert Tours – When it rains it pours!

img_1496-1024x768-minExploring the Nomadic Berber Life in the Moroccan Sahara

A fascinating insight into the Nomadic Berber life which still exists in the Moroccan Sahara today with our Sahara Desert Tours.  These photos show the small huts made of stone which the nomads create when they stop for any length of time.  They use them to build a mud fire to bake their bread in and to house the smaller animals such as chickens and goats.

Unpredictable Rainfall and Dramatic Desert Scenery

This October, we had some rain in the desert on our Sahara Desert Tours and as you can see the sky is very dark.  When the rain comes it is usually heavy but does not last very long before sunny skies come out again.   It can affect our access to and from the desert but there are alternate routes if the roads are affected.  A wonderful show of desert lightning at night in the distance is a rare treat and the intensity of the desert is heightened in these conditions.

Berber Tribes and the Touareg Influence

The Berber tribes which inhabit the Erg Chegaga area of the Moroccan Sahara, take their lifestyle and culture from the Touareg people further south from Africa who travelled this ancient Saharan route for centuries.  The famous blue men with their blue tunics and turbans come together with other nomadic cultures which you can see as you walk through the streets of M’hmaid El Ghislane on your way to the desert dunes, with men wearing turbans tied in different styles and an array of different colours.

Customisable Sahara Desert Tours and Cultural Encounters

On any of our tours leaving from the major cities of Morocco, you can tailor your itinerary to include a desert stay at a nomadic or luxury camp and to meet the people of the Sahara Desert with a translator and guide.  On your journey, he will tell you of the life style, culture and traditions of this unique area which is so accessible on a private tour with Moroccan Journeys.  For families too, this is an amazing experience for children to meet such a diverse culture and to understand the lives of others around the world.

rebecca-hutleyWritten by Moroccan Journeys

Rebecca grew up in Africa and has spent her life travelling and working in the UK and around the world in both the corporate and personal development fields. She is co-founder of Moroccan Journeys with Mohamed Elhaoissi and lives in the UK and Morocco. She believes in the conscious management of business and the importance of personal growth. Rebecca is also a Reiki Master Teacher and runs Intensive Reiki Journeys in the Sahara desert. She spends her free time exploring the untouched parts of Morocco to ensure Moroccan Journeys is eclectic and unique in its offering.


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