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Rebecca grew up in Africa and has spent her life travelling and working in the UK and around the world in both the corporate and personal development fields. She is co-founder of Moroccan Journeys with Mohamed Elhaoissi and lives in the UK and Morocco. She believes in the conscious management of business and the importance of personal growth. Rebecca is also a Reiki Master Teacher and runs Intensive Reiki Journeys in the Sahara desert. She spends her free time exploring the untouched parts of Morocco to ensure Moroccan Journeys is eclectic and unique in its offering.

The Souks of Marrakech


Man wearing traditional Berber clothes walking through the Souks of Marrakech Marrakech is a vibrant city, one that is bustling, noisy, colourful and vibrant. It is filled with markets, known as souks, and [...]

The Souks of Marrakech2023-02-12T16:02:48+00:00

Travelling solo in Marrakech


There are certain rules for any solo travellers and it doesn’t really matter where you are.  Be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. Always carry your hotel address on you. Keep cash in your pocket [...]

Travelling solo in Marrakech2023-01-29T18:52:41+00:00

Jewellery in Morocco


You cannot leave Morocco without a little Moroccan Jewellery. Moroccan jewellery is incredibly beautiful, exotic and unusual. It’s hard for any traveller to walk through the fabulous markets and ignore the jewellery stands.  And it’s [...]

Jewellery in Morocco2023-01-29T19:48:44+00:00

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco


The Atlas Mountains are Morocco’s hidden gem. They are home to some of the country’s most remote and interesting villages where you find the local Berber tribes.  The Berber measure distance by hours, meaning they [...]

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco2023-01-29T19:54:57+00:00

Tamegroute Koranic Library, Morocco


Tamegroute is a sleepy village in Morocco, one that is on the way from Marrakech to the desert, to M’Hamid el Ghizlane.  It’s worth stopping in Tamegroute, a small town that is firmly on the [...]

Tamegroute Koranic Library, Morocco2023-01-29T19:16:22+00:00

Morocco Family Holiday – A Fun Adventure


Morocco can be a fascinating and exciting place to go on a Morocco Family Holiday.  Starting in Marrakech with the cultural sights and sounds of this magical, vibrant city you can take a horse and [...]

Morocco Family Holiday – A Fun Adventure2023-01-29T19:23:24+00:00

Morocco Travel Advice


There are sometimes misconceptions about this stunning country, so here is some Morocco Travel advice to help you on your adventure. For example, many people believe that Morocco is always hot, however this is not [...]

Morocco Travel Advice2023-01-29T19:55:53+00:00

Sahara to the Sea- Morocco Tours


Get the best of both worlds with our fantastic escorted Morocco Tours.  After time to relax and explore Marrakech, take the journey through the High Atlas Mountains into the Sahara Desert before heading out to [...]

Sahara to the Sea- Morocco Tours2023-01-29T18:59:19+00:00
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