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Morocco Atlantic Coast Tours & Trips 2023

Morocco’s Atlantic Coast is an often overlooked destination offering a wealth of activities and attractions.

Our Morocco Atlantic Coast tours & trips are an amazing opportunity to explore the country’s stunning landscape! Enjoy picturesque shallow turquoise bays in Oualidia, the long sandy beaches of Essaouria and thrilling waves south of Agadir – all accessed with 4×4 transport. Plus, take advantage of camel trekking and desert camping experiences or Berber village visits to the Atlas Mountains for a cultural experience unlike any other. Adventurers can opt for quad biking or horseback riding while traditional fishers have plenty on offer too: boat rides at Mirleft & Tafraoute as well as surfing spots in Taghazout await you! Our Morocco Atlantic Coast Tour & Trips provide you with incredible memories while enjoying half-board meals including breakfast and dinner in an unforgettable atmosphere – perfect for experiencing Morocco at its best!

Here is a selection from our 2023 Morocco Atlantic Coast Tours & Trips all of which can be tailored to your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Marrakech to the beach?2023-05-25T20:00:56+00:00

The distance between Marrakech and nearby beaches varies depending on the specific location. For instance, the beaches of Essaouira, located near Marrakech, are approximately 154 kilometers or 96 miles away, taking about a two-hour drive. Additionally, there are several beaches that can be reached within one to two hours from Marrakech. For those seeking a more distant beach experience, the beaches of Agadir are approximately 238 kilometers or 148 miles away, requiring about a four-hour drive from Marrakech.

Can you swim at the beaches in Morocco?2023-05-25T20:02:12+00:00

Morocco offers a selection of beautiful beaches suitable for swimming and surfing, featuring clean, clear waters and soft, white sands. Among these beaches are designated Blue Flag beaches, such as Asilah, Essaouira, Tangier, and Agadir, which meet specific criteria for water quality and safety. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential hazards of ocean swimming. To ensure safety, it is advisable to stay near the shore, avoid swimming in rough seas or during high winds, and never swim alone.

Does Morocco have good beaches?2022-11-23T19:27:24+00:00

Yes, Morocco has some beautiful beaches along its coastline. The Moroccan coast stretches for 1,100 miles (1,770 kilometres), and the country has a wide variety of beaches that range from secluded coves to wide expanses of sand.

One of the most popular beach destinations in Morocco is Agadir, which has a long sandy beach and plenty of resorts and restaurants. If you’re looking for a more isolated beach experience, try Asilah or Essaouira – both towns have charming medinas (old quarters) and offer great swimming and surfing. And don’t forget to explore some of Morocco’s smaller coastal towns like Taghazout or Mirleft – they offer great seafood and stunning views.

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