Fes Holiday Tours: Morocco’s Imperial City of Culture and Tradition

Fes is one of Morocco’s Imperial cities. It is a city which offers not only modern arts and treasures but combines this with traditional Moroccan ways and cultures. Whilst visiting this ancient town on one of our Morocco Holiday Tours, there are many things you can indulge yourself in and learn just why Fes is such a magnificent city.morocco-tour-company-www.moroccanjourneys.com

Rich Architectural Heritage and the Vibrant Medina

The city is full of spectacular architecture including many mosques and madrasas, and the old medina – one of Fes’ most popular attractions. The area known as Bab Boujaloud because of the huge, beautiful ‘door’ to the medina, is the more touristy part and usually has higher prices and people inviting you into their restaurant or to buy their products. For a real Moroccan experience, head deeper into the medina and witness the colourful displays of shoes, clothes and pottery, or venture further down and watch the fascinating hand crafting of everything from plates to wooden tables. The Medina is the perfect place to find some bargains whilst taking in the sights and smells of this ancient culture.

Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and University: A Spiritual and Educational Centre

Visit the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and University, situated in the bottom of the Bab Boujaloud. For well over 1200 years, Al-Qarawiyyin has been an important spiritual and educational centre in the Muslim world. It was built in 867AD and was one of the medieval period’s most illustrious universities. Today, it operatives as a mosque and stands as a remarkable piece of architecture whose views can be admired from the surrounding cafes and restaurants.

Mount Zalagh: A Majestic View of Fes

Or if you are looking for a more adventurous activity in Fes, why not visit Mount Zalagh?  It is the biggest mountain overlooking Fes. You can take a hike up the mountain to admire the true beauty of Fes which is a huge city and seeing it from the view of the Mountain is one that does it justice. Only from the top of Mount Zalagh can you really admire how outstanding this historical city is.


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