The Morocco Garmin Titan Desert Cycle Race

Location of the Desert & Mountain Bike Race in MoroccoEmbark on an Unforgettable Adventure through the Sahara Desert

There are many reasons to visit Morocco – ancient cities, incredible architecture, history and culture, the Sahara Desert, wonderful shopping, magnificent mountains and beautiful coastline too.  Morocco has been attracting visitors from across the globe for decades and yet has somehow managed to retain its mystery and allure.

Discover the Allure of Morocco: Ancient Cities, Stunning Architecture, and the Majestic Sahara

People travel to Morocco for all the above reasons, and more.  Almost everyone includes a trip to the desert, whether on a group or customised tour.  There is another way to see the Sahara Desert though, and that would be as a participant or as a spectator in the Garmin Titan Desert Mountain Bike Race.  This is not a race for everyone; it’s a tough race and you do need to meet certain requirements.  It’s a six day race and includes pretty gruelling sections – cycling through the desert in extreme temperatures, cycling through sand that is thick, hot and difficult, and cycling over extremely high mountain ranges.

Challenge Yourself in the Morocco Garmin Titan Desert Cycle Race

If you are still interested, the race takes place every year towards the end of April.  It’s a race for champions and to say that you have participated in the Morocco Garmin Titan Mountain bike rice means a lot on your cycling CV.  Cycling for six days on flat roads is no easy task; cycling for six days in the Atlas Mountains is tricky to say the least.  The race covers approximately 600 kms, which means an average of 100 kms per day, and reaches altitudes of 5500 meters.

Experience the Ultimate Cycling Test: Extreme Temperatures, Difficult Terrain, and High Mountain Ranges

If you are planning to visit Morocco and you have an interest in cycling, even if only in watching other people, you may want to coordinate your trip so that it coincides with this mountain bike race.  You can watch different stages of the race, and your tour company or tour guides will make the travel plans for you.  You do need to be prepared, even as a spectator, as you are watching people cycle through Desert!

Plan Your Visit: Spectate or Participate in the Garmin Titan Desert Mountain Bike Race

The first ever Garmin Titan Desert Cycle Race took place in 2006, meaning there have been thirteen very successful races.   Not everybody manages to complete the course, and not everybody comes back for a second year in a row.  But this is a dream race for competitors and for serious mountain bikers, and really is a spectacular experience.

Book in Advance: Accommodations and Travel Arrangements for the Morocco Desert Adventure

If you are planning to visit the Moroccan desert, whether as an athlete, a supporter, or a tourist, you should make your arrangements in advance.  While we said that Morocco has managed to hold on to its mystery and allure, and it really has, tourists do like to visit and the lovely hotels and desert lodges get booked early, especially in the peak seasons.

Join the Spectacle: Be Inspired as Cyclists Conquer the Sahara Desert

During the Garmin race, there are many tourists, families and friends of participants.  There are also loads of locals who love to watch the cyclists.  It’s wonderful to be a part of the supporting teams, cheering on the riders as they make their way up and over the sand dunes and the mountains.  Interested?


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