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Special Occasions: Desert Camping 2023

Beldi Travel Guides Leading Tour Camels from the Desert Camp

Nubia Luxury Camp is the perfect venue for a 2023 event with a difference, whether a small, intimate gathering or a large group event over a number of days.

Walking into the camp at the foothills of the high dunes of the Sahara Desert to the sound of traditional musicians, as the sun sets and candlelight takes over, creates a magical setting for any event.

Fine Wine Being Served Special Occasion at Luxury Desert Camp
Romaintic Candle light Bedroom Under Starlight at Desert Camp Morocco

We are specialists in Yoga Retreats, Charity Treks and Morocco Tours and have the expertise and attention to detail to make any large or small group event come to life.

From corporate groups, 50k trekking challenges to small, romantic wedding parties, the team at The Beldi Collection and Nubia Luxury Camp at Erg Chigaga create magical, seamlessly organised events.

We offer very competitive rates for groups, so please get in touch to talk through your requirements.

Luxury Furnishings in the Evening in Romantic Setting at Desert Camp
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