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Desert Activities 2023

Beldi Tour Guide Sitting On Camel With Binoculars

4×4 Tour or Camel Trek to meet the Nomadic people of the Sahara, take tea and learn about their way of life

Picnic Lunch under the shade of trees at a desert oasis

Sandboarding down the lower or high dune, near to the camp

Quad biking through the desert

Camels Resting on Camel Trek Tour Through Moroccan Sahara
Beldi Tour Guides Resting Under Shade of Tree With 4x4 Tour Vehicle

Camel Trekking over 2-5 days with wild nomadic camping

50K Trek Challenge

Sunset or Sunrise climbing the high dune

Drumming with musicians in the evening

Drinks or dinner at a secluded location near to the camp

Stargazing under the milky way

Tour Guides Crossing the Moroccan Desert With Camels Under the Moon
Cushions, Rugs, Soft Furnishings Under Shade of Beldi Camp Tent

Nubia Luxury Camp is set amongst the high dunes of Erg Chegaga and was until recently, inhabited by the nomadic people who now live in the village of M’hamid.  The lifestyle of the nomadic Saharan people involved travelling long distances by camel in search of water and food and the next place to make their camp.

When visiting the desert, walking on foot or riding camels is an experience which takes you back to an ancient past and reminds you of the natural rhythms of life.  You can experience this on a short trek or over a number of days, making this an integral part of your visit.

For others however, riding down the high dunes on a Sandboard is more their pace and this is a fantastic activity for all ages! Take a guide and spend an afternoon thrill-seeking before heading back to camp for the evening.

Cooking Lunch on Traditional Beldi Barbeque
Beldi Nomad Camel Trekking accross Sahara Desert, Morocco
Sandboard for Desert Activites in the Moroccan Sahara
Group of Camels Crossing the Sahara Desert, Morocco
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