Activities & Trekking at Erg Chigaga2024-01-01T20:45:28+00:00
Activities & Trekking at Erg Chigaga
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Desert Activities At Erg Chigaga 2024

Beldi Tour Guide Sitting On Camel With Binoculars

4×4 Tour or Camel Trek to meet the Nomadic people of the Sahara, take tea and learn about their way of life

Picnic Lunch under the shade of trees at a desert oasis

Sandboarding down the lower or high dune, near to the camp

Quad biking through the desert

Camels Resting on Camel Trek Tour Through Moroccan Sahara
Beldi Tour Guides Resting Under Shade of Tree With 4x4 Tour Vehicle

Camel Trekking over 2-5 days with wild nomadic camping

50K Trek Challenge

Sunset or Sunrise climbing the high dune

Drumming with musicians in the evening

Drinks or dinner at a secluded location near to the camp

Stargazing under the milky way

Tour Guides Crossing the Moroccan Desert With Camels Under the Moon
Cushions, Rugs, Soft Furnishings Under Shade of Beldi Camp Tent

Nubia Luxury Camp is set amongst the high dunes of Erg Chegaga, an area which was inhabited by the nomadic people who now live in the village of M’hamid. The lifestyle of the nomadic Saharan people involved travelling long distances by camel in search of water and food and the next place to make their camp.

When visiting the desert, walking on foot or riding camels is an experience which takes you back to an ancient past and reminds you of the natural rhythms of life. You can experience this on a short trek or over a number of days, making this an integral part of your visit.

For others however, riding down the high dunes on a Sandboard is more their pace and this is a fantastic activity for all ages! Take a guide and spend an afternoon thrill-seeking before heading back to camp for the evening.

Cooking Lunch on Traditional Beldi Barbeque
Beldi Nomad Camel Trekking accross Sahara Desert, Morocco
Sandboard for Desert Activites in the Moroccan Sahara
Group of Camels Crossing the Sahara Desert, Morocco

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any safety precautions to keep in mind for trekking at the camp?2024-01-01T21:19:33+00:00

Trekking in the desert, especially in remote areas like Erg Chigaga, requires careful planning and adherence to safety precautions. Here are some essential safety guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Guided Tours: Whenever possible, join a guided trek with experienced local guides who are familiar with the terrain, weather conditions, and potential hazards in the desert.
  2. Weather Awareness: Desert weather can be extreme, with scorching heat during the day and cold nights. Stay updated on weather forecasts and dress accordingly. Carry extra layers for nighttime temperatures.
  3. Hydration: Dehydration is a significant risk in the desert. Carry an ample supply of water and drink regularly to stay hydrated. Water sources may be limited, so plan accordingly.
  4. Navigation: Ensure you have a reliable map, GPS device, or smartphone with offline maps. Desert landscapes can be disorienting, and it’s easy to get lost.
  5. Communication: Let someone know your itinerary and expected return time. Carry a charged cell phone or satellite communication device in case of emergencies.
  6. Sun Protection: Protect yourself from the intense desert sun. Use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and cover exposed skin with lightweight, breathable clothing.
  7. Wildlife and Plants: Be cautious around wildlife, as some desert creatures can be venomous or dangerous. Avoid touching or disturbing desert plants to protect both yourself and the fragile ecosystem.
  8. First Aid: Carry a basic first aid kit and know how to use it. Be prepared for common desert-related issues like blisters, sunburn, and heat exhaustion.
  9. Emergency Shelter: In case you get stranded, carry a lightweight emergency shelter or space blanket to provide shade and protection from the elements.
  10. Group Travel: Whenever possible, trek with a group or at least one other person. Traveling in pairs or groups increases safety in case of emergencies.
  11. Respect Local Customs: Be respectful of the local culture and traditions. Dress modestly and ask for permission before taking photos of people or their property.
  12. Permits: Check if you need any permits or permissions for trekking in the area and obtain them in advance.
  13. Leave No Trace: Follow Leave No Trace principles by carrying out all trash and waste. Minimize your impact on the environment.
  14. Emergency Contacts: Carry contact information for local authorities, your embassy or consulate, and your tour operator or guide.

Always prioritise safety during your desert trek, and be prepared for unexpected situations. Desert environments can be harsh, but with the right precautions and planning, you can enjoy a safe and memorable experience at Erg Chigaga Desert Camp.

What should I pack for a trek at Erg Chigaga Desert Camp?2024-01-01T21:14:16+00:00

Packing for a trek at Erg Chigaga Desert Camp requires careful consideration of the desert environment and your specific needs. Here’s a suggested packing list:

  1. Clothing:
    • Lightweight, breathable clothing (long sleeves and pants to protect from the sun)
    • Sun hat and sunglasses
    • Scarf or shemagh for covering your face and neck
    • Sturdy, comfortable hiking boots or shoes
    • Sandals or comfortable camp shoes
  2. Protection from the Elements:
    • Sunscreen with high SPF
    • Lip balm with sunblock
    • Wide-brimmed hat or a cap
    • Lightweight rain jacket (desert weather can be unpredictable)
  3. Gear:
    • A good quality backpack
    • Water bottles or a hydration system
    • Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
    • Trekking poles (if desired)
    • Binoculars for wildlife and scenic views
  4. Sleeping Gear:
    • Sleeping bag suitable for the season
    • Sleeping pad or mat for added comfort
  5. Personal Items:
    • Personal identification and travel documents
    • Medications and basic first aid kit
    • Toiletries (biodegradable soap, toothbrush, etc.)
    • Wet wipes and hand sanitizer
    • Insect repellent
  6. Navigation and Communication:
    • Detailed map of the area
    • GPS device or smartphone with GPS app (ensure you have offline maps)
    • Portable charger or solar charger for your electronics
  7. Food and Water:
    • High-energy snacks (nuts, dried fruits, energy bars)
    • Reusable water bottles or hydration reservoir
    • Water purification tablets or filter (in case of unreliable water sources)
  8. Cash:
    • Small denominations of Moroccan Dirhams for any purchases or tips
  9. Optional:
    • Camera or binoculars for capturing the stunning desert landscapes and wildlife
    • Travel guidebook or reading material
    • Lightweight camping stove and cookware if you plan to prepare your meals

Remember to adapt your packing list based on the season and the duration of your trek. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check with your tour operator or guide for any specific recommendations or requirements for your Erg Chigaga Desert Camp trek.

Are there guided tours available for the trekking routes?2024-01-01T21:08:40+00:00

Erg Chigaga desert camp is a popular destination for adventure seekers looking to immerse themselves in the beauty and challenges of the Moroccan Sahara. The stunning landscapes and remoteness of this area make it an ideal location for trekkers who want to experience a true off-the-beaten-track adventure.

One of the biggest advantages of opting for a guided tour when trekking through Erg Chigaga desert camp is that you will have experienced guides by your side every step of the way. These guides are well-trained and knowledgeable about the terrain, making them an invaluable asset during your journey.

Not only can they assist with navigation and provide route suggestions based on your level of experience, but they can also offer insight into the local culture and traditions. This adds an element of depth to your trip as you learn about how nomadic tribes have adapted to life in this harsh environment over centuries.

Moreover, these guides can also ensure your safety during the trek by being aware of potential hazards such as sandstorms or hidden rocks. They will also provide important tips on how to stay hydrated and protect yourself from sun exposure while hiking under intense heat conditions.

But perhaps one of the most significant advantages of having a guide on your Erg Chigaga desert camp trek is that they can take care of all logistics arrangements. This allows you to focus solely on enjoying every moment without worrying about setting up camp or preparing meals.

In conclusion, opting for a guided tour when embarking on a trek from your Erg Chigaga desert camp is highly recommended. These knowledgeable professionals not only enhance your overall experience but also ensure your safety while providing valuable insights into this unique landscape’s history and culture.

How difficult are the trekking routes at Erg Chigaga Desert Camp?2024-01-01T21:02:52+00:00

Trekking through the Erg Chigaga Desert Camp is a truly unforgettable experience. Situated in the Sahara Desert, this camp offers visitors a unique opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of modern life and reconnect with nature in its purest form.

One of the highlights of visiting this camp is embarking on a trek either on foot or by camel. This traditional mode of transportation truly allows you to immerse yourself in the natural rhythms of life, as your surroundings slowly change with each step or sway.

But what makes these trekking routes at Erg Chigaga so special? First and foremost, it is important to note that they vary in difficulty levels, catering to both novice and experienced trekkers. The variety of routes also means that there is something for everyone – whether you are looking for a short-day trip or an extended journey over multiple days.

For those seeking a challenge, several challenging treks require endurance and determination. These routes will take you deeper into the vast desert landscape, allowing you to witness stunning vistas and encounter local wildlife such as gazelles and fennec foxes along the way.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more leisurely pace, there are easier treks available that still offer breathtaking views without requiring extensive physical exertion. These shorter treks are perfect for families with children or those who simply want to enjoy an afternoon stroll while taking in all that this stunning desert has to offer.

Aside from being physically rewarding, these treks also hold immense cultural significance. As you make your way through sand dunes and rocky terrain guided by knowledgeable Berber guides, you will gain insight into their ancient customs and way of life. You may even have opportunities to interact with local nomadic tribes – an enriching experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

In summary, trekking through Erg Chigaga Desert Camp offers much more than just an outdoor adventure; it’s an opportunity to disconnect from the modern world and connect with nature and culture in a truly authentic way. So, whether you’re a seasoned trekker or someone looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, I highly recommend adding this activity to your itinerary at Erg Chigaga Desert Camp. Happy trekking!

What activities are available at Erg Chigaga Desert Camp?2024-01-01T20:44:48+00:00

At Erg Chigaga Desert Camp, you will find an array of exciting and unique activities that will leave you with a deep understanding and appreciation for the Sahara desert. This remote camp, situated in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara, offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

One of the highlights at Erg Chigaga is the 4×4 tour or camel trek to meet the nomadic people of the Sahara. Here, you can take part in a traditional tea ceremony while learning about their way of life and customs. You may even have the opportunity to try your hand at herding camels or setting up a desert camp. This authentic interaction with local nomads is something that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

For those looking for a more laid-back experience, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy during your stay at Erg Chigaga. A picnic lunch under the shade of trees at a desert oasis is perfect for taking in stunning views while enjoying delicious local cuisine.

Thrill-seekers can test their sandboarding skills on either lower or high dunes near the camp. Or if you prefer an adrenaline-fueled adventure on wheels, quad biking through the vast expanse of sand dunes is sure to get your heart racing.

For those who wish to fully immerse themselves in desert life, camel trekking over 2-5 days with wild nomadic camping is an unforgettable option. You will traverse through some of Morocco’s most spectacular landscapes while gaining insight into how these resilient people adapt to their surroundings.

If you’re up for a challenge, why not take on our 50K Trek Challenge? This guided trek takes you through some of Erg Chigaga’s most awe-inspiring terrain and rewards hikers with breathtaking views from atop towering sand dunes.

And what trip to this magnificent location would be complete without experiencing sunrise or sunset from the high dunes? Climbing to the top and witnessing the sky transform into a canvas of vibrant colors is truly a sight to behold.

In the evenings, gather around the campfire and join in on traditional drumming with local musicians. And for a more intimate experience, opt for drinks or dinner at a secluded location near the camp where you can bask in silence under a starry sky.

Speaking of stars, stargazing at Erg Chigaga is an absolute must. Away from any light pollution, marvel at the vastness of our universe as you gaze up at countless stars twinkling above you.

In conclusion, Erg Chigaga Desert Camp offers an unparalleled experience that combines adventure, cultural immersion, and relaxation in one of nature’s most unique settings. So why wait? Plan your trip now and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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