What to wear in Morocco?

What to wear in Morocco?

Because Morocco is a muslim country and now also a major tourist destination, I am often asked the question of what to wear in Morocco from our travellers. Is it ok to just wear what you would on holiday or is it necessary to respect certain cultural customs?

Variable Weather

Having travelled extensively throughout, from Marrakech to the depths of the Sahara desert, I can say that what you wear will be dependent on your location, the climate and whether you are male or female. The seasons are quite clear cut in terms of temperature but there is always the chance of rain or a cool evening in the summer and also the chance of being bitten at sunset so something a bit thicker to keep you warm and cotton long sleeves and trousers are a great idea.

Covering Up

Generally, in Moroccan culture women cover up their legs and arms and heads with a headscarf. It is not necessary to wear a headscarf but I find you will gain respect and feel more comfortable if you at least cover your shoulders and knees. Marrakech is a modern city where these rules are loosened in many cases but as soon as you drive out on one of our 4×4 Tours into the Atlas Mountains, local Berber villages or down into the Sahara Desert, women are more modest in terms of dress. Men tend to wear a combination of European and more traditional dress throughout Morocco, so there are no changes needed for men travelling through the country.

rebecca-hutleyWritten by Moroccan Journeys

Rebecca grew up in Africa and has spent her life travelling and working in the UK and around the world in both the corporate and personal development fields. She is co-founder of Moroccan Journeys with Mohamed Elhaoissi and lives in the UK and Morocco. She believes in the conscious management of business and the importance of personal growth. Rebecca is also a Reiki Master Teacher and runs Intensive Reiki Journeys in the Sahara desert. She spends her free time exploring the untouched parts of Morocco to ensure Moroccan Journeys is eclectic and unique in its offering.

Atlas Mountains & Sahara Desert Tours

Atlas Mountains, Morocco, With Snow Covered Peaks in the Distance

Atlas Mountains & Sahara Desert Tour

6 Day Holiday

Experience the best of Morocco with a Walking Tour of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. Hike through the Toubkal Region and reach the summit of Mount Outousse while learning about the Berber culture from a local guide. The journey continues with a visit to Ait Ben Haddou, a World Heritage Berber town that offers a glimpse into the country’s rich culture. The tour also includes a scenic drive through lush valleys, arid deserts, and enchanting palm groves of the Draa Valley, offering diverse landscapes and scenery. Finally, trek through the majestic dunes of the Sahara Desert, experience sleeping under the star-studded desert sky and witness the beauty of this magnificent landscape. This Morocco Walking Tour is a perfect blend of culture, nature and adventure that creates unforgettable memories.

Vegetation at the Base of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Morocco Luxury Desert Tour

3 Day Tour

Experience a captivating adventure like no other with a Luxury Morocco Desert Tour. This extraordinary journey combines thrilling exploration and indulgent luxury for an unforgettable experience. Traverse the majestic dunes with a skilled off-road driver, taking in the awe-inspiring scenery along the way. Indulge in a delicious lunch amidst the vast expanse, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind and soak in the breathtaking surroundings. As the sun sets, embark on a camel trek towards the luxurious desert camp at Erg Chegaga. This secluded oasis boasts elegant tents and furnishings, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Immerse yourself in the magic of the desert as you enjoy a sumptuous dinner by a crackling campfire under a star-filled sky. The Luxury Morocco Desert Tour strikes the perfect balance between adventure and pampering, providing an ideal way to discover the wonders of the Moroccan Sahara.


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