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Are you planning on exploring Morocco soon? We’ve compiled some important information for you! Remember that Morocco is predominantly Muslim hence drinks are only sold in hotels or restaurants. Appropriate attire that’s covering up respectfully without revealing too much skin like shorts or tank tops are necessary for both sexes while travelling here!

Keep this in mind as you travel through some of the country’s most popular destinations – Fez, Marrakesh & Rabat, respecting  Moroccan history and culture!  For stunning views don’t miss out on visiting the coastal town of Essaouira. or the Atlas Mountains too! Finally, make sure not to leave without experiencing what Morroco’s markets aka souks have to offer – shopping for souvenirs or soaking up the vibes will truly be memorable!

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Morocco Travel Advice: Tips and Insights for Your Adventure


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Discover Facts about Morocco


Morocco is officially called the Kingdom of Morocco.  It is a beautiful country situated between Algeria and the Atlantic Ocean. The vast land of the Sahara Desert runs through it and there are many fascinating [...]

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What to wear in Morocco?


What to wear in Morocco? Because Morocco is a muslim country and now also a major tourist destination, I am often asked the question of what to wear in Morocco from our travellers. Is it [...]

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