The Sahara Desert is one of the world’s largest deserts located in the African hemisphere of the globe. The Sahara, which is Arabic for Desert, is between the Mediterranean from the North and the Red Sea from the East.

There are many misunderstandings about the Sahara Desert. For example, the Sahara Desert is usually hot and is historic for having the highest temperature in the world of 136 degrees in 1993, however it is not always hot. Between December and February, the temperature in the desert can go below freezing at night.

Although the Sahara is a very large place, it isn’t the largest desert in the worBerber Tribesmen with their herd of goats in the Sahara desertld. The largest desert is Antarctica. However, it is still counted amongst the world’s largest desert areas and continues to grow every day. The Sahara Desert covers about 3.8 million square miles, which is 8% of the world’s surface area and includes eleven countries: Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Chad, Niger, Eritrea, Mali, Mauritania, Sudan and Mali.  Even though the Sahara is spread across so many countries, only 2 million people call it home.

Many people see the Sahara Desert as a dry sandy place where not much grows, however many years ago the Sahara Desert was a fertile farmland with many people living there. Even though today, it is much drier, there are still several areas of oasis land which is fertile and productive.