Explore the Vibrant Moroccan Souks on Your Morocco Tours

Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting Atmosphere of Morocco’s Souks

The streets are full of magnificent smells and colours to entice you into the souks of Morocco when on one of our Morocco Tours. The smell of fresh spices wafting through the air, the kebabs searing on the open barbecue and the array of colourful items, rugs, art and clothing.

Discover Traditional Crafts and Unique Treasures

Visiting the souks is a great way to discover the traditional crafts that Morocco has offer. There are so many unique goods available, especially if you are on a budget and looking for some bargains. Shopping in the souks is a great way for travellers who want to have an up-close adventure with the locals, as the sellers have a fondness for a good old chin wag and inviting you for a lovely refreshing cup of Moroccan mint tea.

Indulge in the Thrill of Souk Shopping

Shopping in the souks is difficult as its almost impossible not to find a bunch of great bargains, although bargaining in French may prove to be a bit tricky for some.  But at the end of the day your purchases are well worth it and you will take some home some really interesting items.

Exploring the Souks of Marrakech and Essaouira

Our Morocco Tours usually start in Marrakech and the souks in the medina there are big and stretch through the streets off the main Jemaa El Fnaa square.  You may want to wander around yourself once you have navigated from your Riad or take a certified guide who can point you in the direction of the different crafts and stalls.  The souks in Essaouira are smaller and sometimes easier to find those unique items.  It has a very arty and musical feel and is one of my favourite places to wander.

The Vibrant Souk Culture of Morocco

The Moroccan souks are something you must experience on your trip to this vibrant and creative country!

Horse-drawn tourist carriages awaiting passengers at Jemaa el-Fnaa square, Marrakesh 


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