Luxury Sahara Tours From Marrakech

A Journey of Extravagance and Discovery in Morocco’s Untouched Landscapes

From the heart of vibrant Marrakech, through the stunning Atlas Mountains, our Luxury Sahara Tours offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an amazing experience in an untouched part of the world.

Explore the Enchanting Streets of Marrakech before Embarking on a Desert Adventure

Start this experience, enjoying the beautiful streets and shops that Marrakech has to offer and then enjoy our 4×4 excursion through the sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Delight in Moroccan Cuisine and Cultural Traditions under the Starry Sky

Our Luxury Camp includes a spectacular Camel Trek at sunset where you can enjoy a truly authentic nomadic experience and beautiful scenery as you arrive at the camp.  In the evening, you will have a Moroccan feast by the fire and sit under the stars listening to traditional Berber music as you lose yourself in the night.


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