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Morocco boasts an ancient past and diverse culture that makes for an incredible travel experience. From its Atlas  Mountains to Fez, there is much to discover throughout Morocco.

One such unique spot is the small village of Tamegroute, popular with students and historians is home to an ancient library dating back many centuries. For architectural enthusiasts, Ksar Ait Ben Haddou a UNESCO World Heritage site should also not be missed as an iconic example of traditional Moroccan earthen architecture. No visit to Morocco would be complete without stopping in Ouarzaza – this lively city known for its arts and music scenes as well as traditional markets is sure to please any culture enthusiast, whether seeking adventure or relaxation! Morocco, truly has something special in store.

The Imperial City of Fez, Morocco


Fez: A Mosaic of Culture, Colour, and Philosophy Fez in Morocco conjures up images of culture and colour, history and philosophy. Fez is the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities and is certainly the most impressive. [...]

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Moroccan Landscapes & Highlights


Morocco, in North Africa, is an exotic destination and one that attracts all kinds of travellers.  Morocco can be romantic, adventurous, cultural, historical and always colourful.  The country attracts curious travellers, solo travellers, honeymooners, groups [...]

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Exploring Morocco During Your Summer Holiday


Morocco: The Ultimate Summer Destination for Culture and Fun Morocco is one of the most ideal places to visit in the summer. The coast has a pleasant breeze whilst being sunny and warm.  It is [...]

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