Moroccan Landscapes & Highlights

Palm Trees Lining the Road Through the Draa Valley, Southern Morocco

Morocco, in North Africa, is an exotic destination and one that attracts all kinds of travellers.  Morocco can be romantic, adventurous, cultural, historical and always colourful.  The country attracts curious travellers, solo travellers, honeymooners, groups of friends and families. It attracts foodies, shoppers and those looking for something a little different. The country has an excellent infrastructure, excellent tour operators and guides, friendly people and a thriving economy.  Its also an inexpensive country to travel in, making it extremely attractive.

There is something for everyone in Morocco and one cannot help but be wowed.  If you travel to Morocco once, everyone says youll be back. We know that to be true!

Lets take a look at the different landscapes and highlights of Morocco.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is an incredible natural phenomenon with its wide open spaces, dark red sand that changes colour with the light and dark blue skies that are endless.  Sand dunes, camels, bedouin tents and Berber people, four x four vehicles and romantic tented lodges with Persian carpets are all a part of the Desert landscape. One cannot come to Morocco without visiting the desert.  

The Atlas Mountains

You can choose how to explore the Atlas Mountains, whether on foot by joining an organised hike, or by car with a private driver, on a scheduled tour, by mountain bike, motorbike or even on horseback.  Jbel Toubkal is the countrys highest mountain and probably sees the most tourists, especially adventure travellers.  The views from the top are unbelievable.  Youll also find The Rif Mountains which are close to the blue city of Chefchaouen, another incredible landscape and extremely popular with adventure travellers.

 Marrakech, Fez and Casablanca

These are the three most well known cities of Morocco, each one thrilling, exciting and colourful.  They are filled with history and culture and you will not only be enthralled and intrigued by the narrow streets, colourful markets and incredible architecture, but you will be blown away by the palaces and mosques. 

Its a good idea to get a guide for a day.  In Marrakech, to visit the Badi Palace, Bahia Palace, Koutoubia Mosque and Saadian Tombs.  In Fez visit the Fes El Bali walled medina, the 14th century Bou Inania and Al Attarine. In Casablanca, dont miss the Hassan II Mosque and the Casablanca Cathedral.  When youve had enough sightseeing, wander through the souks, do a little shopping and eat in a local restaurant.

The Stunning beaches

Not many people think of Morocco as a beach destination but it is in fact a hugely popular beach holiday destination, especially the towns of Tangier, Agadir and Asilah.  Water sport enthusiasts love Essaouria, and El Jadida, Oualidia, and El Jebha are also popular.  The water is warm, the sand is soft and the prices are great.


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