5 Things to ask a Morocco Tour Company

When you are travelling in Morocco, it is really important to know a little bit about the country so that you know what to ask your Morocco Tour Company when you enquire.

Are you registered in Morocco or the UK?2023-05-25T20:18:29+00:00

If your Tour Company is registered in Morocco, you have no financial guarantees as they are outside of the UK Travel Regulations. These require all Travel Companies to safeguard your deposit and full payment until you have returned from holiday, in the event that they go into financial difficulty.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?2022-11-22T20:22:04+00:00

This is again a requirement for UK based companies but not for those based abroad.

Have you travelled the routes you are selling me?2022-11-22T20:16:01+00:00

Sales people can be very good at painting pictures, but this simple question will let you know if they are really excited about your trip because they have been there.

Exactly what type of transport will I be travelling in?2022-11-22T20:22:44+00:00

4×4, minibus or small car even… and what is the terrain like? For example, we would recommend 4×4 transport through the Atlas Mountains for safety.

Do you have some reviews or recommendations I can read?2024-04-27T10:06:21+00:00

The best people to ask are those who have been there before you. Read our 5 Star customer reviews on Tripadvisor.

Travelling in Morocco can be one of the most fantastic experiences and a really great Tour Holiday put together by those who know the country and work closely with a professional team in Morocco can be the trip of a lifetime.

Contact Rebecca to find out more about this vibrant, colourful country.

rebecca-hutleyWritten by Moroccan Journeys

Rebecca grew up in Africa and has spent her life travelling and working in the UK and around the world in both the corporate and personal development fields. She is co-founder of Moroccan Journeys with Mohamed Elhaoissi and lives in the UK and Morocco. She believes in the conscious management of business and the importance of personal growth. Rebecca is also a Reiki Master Teacher and runs Intensive Reiki Journeys in the Sahara desert. She spends her free time exploring the untouched parts of Morocco to ensure Moroccan Journeys is eclectic and unique in its offering.


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