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Tea is an important part of Moroccan culture. Tea ceremonies are often elaborate affairs, involving multiple courses and a significant amount of time to enjoy the company of friends and family. Tea is typically served with sweet pastries or biscuits, and mint is often added to give it a refreshing flavour. In addition to tea, Morocco is also known for its vibrant souks or markets. These bustling places are full of colour and activity, as vendors sell everything from spices to handmade goods. Bargaining is expected in souks, and it can be a fun way to get a good deal on souvenirs. Whether enjoying a cup of tea or exploring the markets, visitors to Morocco are sure to be impressed by the country’s rich culture.

The Berber Culture


Before you spend time in Morocco you may want to learn a little more about the largest indigenous tribe of Morocco, the Berber Tribe.  The Berbers are native to North Africa.  It is  estimated that [...]

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Romance in Morocco


Morocco is a romantic country and one filled with legend. One of these legends, a love story, has resulted in what is known as the Annual Festival of Marriage. The festival takes place in the town [...]

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Tea Ceremony in Morocco


There are a few ‘must do’ things when you’re travelling around Morocco, and one of them is to attend a genuine and traditional tea ceremony.  Apart from the fact that Moroccan tea is delicious - [...]

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Luxury Experiences in Morocco


You can travel around Morocco in the luxurious way of your choice. The country is diverse and offers a magnificent combination of history, architecture, spectacular nature, mountains, colourful shopping and markets, and beautiful beaches too.  [...]

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The Art of Henna – Luxury Moroccan Sahara Tours


On our Luxury Sahara Tours to Nubia Desert Camp, we are mindful of taking you to the most interesting and real cultural destinations to meet the nomadic people who still live in the Sahara today. [...]

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Berber Fantasia Festival – Morocco Tours


The Festival of Fantasia, also known as Game of Gunpowder, is one of Morocco’s biggest and most popular festivals. The festival is a celebration of the relationship between man and horse. This Berber festival comes [...]

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