Experience the Majestic Moroccan Sahara on a Camel Trekking Adventure


Embrace the Beauty of the Sahara Desert

As the frost begins in the UK, I am reminded of the nights now in the Sahara which do get very cold, but wrapped up in your sleeping bag in the middle of the spectacular dunes of the Moroccan desert, miles from modern life the mornings are the best.

Witness Breathtaking Sunrises and Berber Traditions

On a Sahara Camel Trekking trip, you will wake to a spectacular sunrise as your tent begins to warm up and you hear the Berber team building the fire and as it comes cracking into life.  Spend some time warming your hands and drinking Moroccan tea before getting ready for the day’s trek.  There is nothing quite like this moment, in total seclusion, with the desert stretching out in all directions around you and just the camels, perhaps one dog who has decided to join you on the walk and your nomadic camel trekking team, who are busy packing the camels for the next day’s adventure.

Unveil the Essence of the Sahara Desert

Travelling through the Sahara in this way, walking alongside the caravan of camels and setting up camp each night is such a treat when the whole experience is just over 3 hour’s flight from London and a day’s drive down to Erg Chegaga from Marrakech.  You would think it necessary to travel much further to have such a deep cultural experience, but all of this is possible in Morocco.

Unforgettable Desert Journey with Moroccan Journeys

Moroccan Journeys take you to the best parts of the Sahara Desert with a team of Berber nomads who have grown up in the desert and offer you the journey of a lifetime, visiting Nomadic families who still live in the desert and allowing you to have first-hand experience of an ancient lifestyle in one of the most stunning places on earth.  We also ensure your night’s sleep is comfortable with thick foam mattresses in each tent, provide warm water to wash each day and delicious Moroccan meals each night.

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3 Day Sahara Tours start from £199.00 per person

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