Exotic Things to do on Your Morocco Summer Holiday

Tourists and locals gathering in Marrakech’s main square, Jemaa el-FnaaMorocco has many fun filled and exotic things to do for an unforgettable Morocco Summer Holiday!

Bird Watching at Massa Lagoon: Explore Morocco’s Top Bird Reserve

Take a trip to Massa Lagoon- one of Morocco’s top bird reserves. Why not grab a pair of your binoculars and you could see a rare bald ibis. The reserve is also home to the Algerian hedgehog, African wildcat and Egyptian mongoose. A sure treat for animal lovers.

Discover Agadir’s Famous Kasbah: A Medieval Fortress with Stunning Views

Or why not venture out to Agadir’s famous Kasbah. This Medieval fortress is at the top of a hill overlooking the city, and just below it, you’ll see three Arabic words meaning- God, king and country- imprinted into the hillside. You could even, if you’re feeling energetic, hike to the top. Or if that doesn’t sound to appealing, take a taxi and then hop on a camel for a tour of the ruins.

Immerse in Moroccan Culture: Visit the Berber Museum in Agadir

If you’re looking to get more of a better taste of the Moroccan culture, why not take a trip to the Berber museum. The small museum is located in downtown Agadir and gives you the back story on Morocco’s desert tribes. In the exhibits, you’ll find 200-year-old carpets, as well as pottery, jewellery and fragile old manuscripts. You might even hear a live Berber music session while you’re here. Definitely one to go for if you’re looking to gain some historical background.

Thrilling Adventures: Surfing, Horse Riding, Quad Biking, and Camel Tours

Or if you are travelling with youngsters and fancy a bit more of a lively holiday- take your pick from surfing the Atlantic waves or horse riding and quad biking on the beaches. You can even take a once in a lifetime trip on camel and take in some of Morocco’s breath-taking scenery.

Relaxation and Revitalisation: Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and Spa Retreats in Morocco

And if you’re looking for some relaxing and unwinding time, Morocco is one of the best places to do with offers of Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Spas, the choice is endless! Just relax and revitalise yourself in the warmth of Morocco.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?2023-05-25T20:59:03+00:00

Alcohol is legal in Morocco and can be consumed in licensed hotels and bars located in tourist areas. However, it’s important to respect local customs as the majority of the population, who are Muslims, do not consider alcohol consumption culturally acceptable.

Is Morocco an exotic country?2023-05-25T21:00:07+00:00

Morocco is a captivating destination, offering a blend of ancient cities like Fes and Marrakech, coastal resorts such as Agadir and Essaouira, and tranquil retreats in the Atlas Mountains. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and bustling souks of its towns and villages. With its rich amalgamation of Arab, Berber, and African influences, Morocco truly embodies exoticism.

What is unique in Morocco?2023-05-25T21:01:30+00:00

Morocco, a culturally diverse nation, offers a wealth of unique experiences. Explore the rich Jewish heritage with the Fes Jewish Heritage Tour. Marvel at the grandeur of the Hassan II Mosque, the largest in Morocco. Delight in the enchanting “Blue City” of Chefchaouen, renowned for its azure architecture. Immerse yourself in the vibrant souks, where treasures await, from carpets and spices to leather goods and jewellery. Discover the allure of Morocco, a captivating blend of history, culture, and shopping delights.

What should I not miss in Morocco?2023-05-25T21:18:13+00:00

Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Morocco:

1. The awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains, offering unparalleled hiking and trekking opportunities.
2. The vibrant markets of Marrakesh and Fes, teeming with colorful spices, fruits, carpets, and souvenirs.
3. Indulging in the delectable cuisine, especially tagine dishes and couscous.
4. Exploring the architectural marvels, from Chefchaouen’s blue city to Marrakesh’s imperial landmarks.
5. Experiencing a camel ride through the enchanting desert sand dunes.
6. Unwinding at luxurious beach resorts along the Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts.
7. Enjoying live music and traditional belly dancing during a captivating night out.
8. Discovering the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ait Benhaddou, an ancient city of historical significance.
9. Marveling at the breathtaking Draa Valley, adorned with picturesque villages.
10. Immerse yourself in the ancient allure of Fes, one of the world’s largest and best-preserved medieval cities.

Morocco Summer Holidays

Man on Donkey Conducting Camel Ride for Tourist on Moroccan Beach

Sahara to the Sea Holiday

8 Day Holiday

Experience the ultimate holiday adventure with the Sahara to the Sea Holiday. This incredible tour takes you on a stunning journey from the bustling streets of Marrakech, through the rugged High Atlas Mountains, and deep into the endless expanse of the Sahara Desert. Bask in the sun and sand before heading west towards the Atlantic coast. Explore the arty, laid-back fishing port of Essaouira and discover its charming architecture and beautiful beaches. With an incredible cultural experience, breathtaking scenery, and relaxation at the heart of this tour, the Sahara to the Sea Holiday offers the best of both worlds.

Restaurant on the seafront at Luxury Hotel in Morocco

Luxury Morocco Beach Tour

6 Day Holiday

Escape to paradise on a luxurious visit to Morocco’s secret beaches with this incredible Luxury Morocco Beach Tour. Explore the charming town of Essaouira, bask in the natural beauty of the Sous Massa National Park, and soak up the sun on the stunning Southern Atlantic Coast. The tour offers the ultimate in luxury, with comfortable accommodation, delicious local cuisine, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and outdoor adventure. Discover the hidden gems of Morocco’s coastline on this unforgettable holiday that combines luxury with natural charm.


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