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Planning a holiday to Morocco, offers plenty of accommodation choices; hotels are commonplace in larger cities while Riads (traditional Moroccan guest houses) may be preferred in smaller towns and villages.

Many visitors seek an intimate stay by choosing to lodge at a bed and breakfast or guest house, whether winter or summer holiday, the season is in play. No matter which accommodation type best meets your requirements. Winter months offer attractive hotel rates and deals, making Morocco an affordable travel option. In the summertime when temperatures can soar, Riads and guest houses typically boast cooling pools and gardens to help cool visitors down after sightseeing – perfect for relaxing after long days exploring! No matter when or why you visit Morocco, accommodation should suit every guest perfectly.

Top B&B’s and Riads in Essaouira, Morocco


Morocco has plenty of magnificent hotels, Riads and guest houses to offer. Here are some of The Guardians Top B&B's and Riads in Essaouira, Morocco- Discover Hidden Beauty at Dar Liouba Guest House Dar Liouba [...]

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