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Morocco food is certainly one of the best parts of a trip, so take full advantage of your stay by sampling as much Moroccan cuisine as possible! It fuses African, Arab and Berber influences in one tasty blend that boasts fresh spices and unique combinations of ingredients that offer exceptional flavour.

From mouthwatering tagines to refreshing Mint Tea, Morocco has something delicious for every budget traveller to explore. There are countless great places for dining within its borders! Marrakech, boasts everything from fast and delicious roadside cafe meals to high-end restaurants that allow diners to take their time dining experience in. If you want a taste of Moroccan culture while visiting Marrakesh, make sure you visit one of its numerous cookery schools – they provide classes where participants learn classic recipes like Couscous or Pastilla from scratch! No visit to Morocco would be complete without experiencing its delectable street food – from spicy chicken skewers and freshly-baked bread, to mouthwatering fruits. Whatever your palate craves, Morocco will have what’s on the menu!

Top Places to eat in Marrakech- Morocco Travel Tour


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