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The Sahara desert is one of the world’s most exotic and magnificent locations on earth and a holiday at a desert camp is one of the best ways to experience its true splendor.

Erg Chigaga desert camp in the central Sahara Desert features 20 tent suites each equipped with its own terrace for you to discover all its mysteries. All tents offer air conditioning and private en suite bathrooms for added comfort, and exploring the desert on foot or camelback is always possible; plenty of opportunities exist for sandboarding and star gazing too! Erg Chigaga Camp provides guests with an unforgettable desert experience in its valley location surrounded by dunes; guests are treated to Moroccan cuisine while relaxing with Hammam use or taking advantage of pool swimming facilities at Erg Chigaga – making desert camping one of the finest ways to discover Sahara desert landscape.

How to Choose your Sahara Desert Camp


The Role of a Reliable Travel Agent: Simplifying Decision-making for Your Morocco Trip Let’s say you have made the decision to travel to Morocco.  You have decided when you are travelling and you’re doing research.  [...]

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Sahara Camp Shade and Tents


At our Erg Chigaga Luxury Sahara Camp, we have just expanded our number of tents to 8, keeping the same 6 Tent Suites around the camp fire and adding two private tents at separate locations [...]

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Getting to Nubia Luxury Camp Morocco


There are so many different options to travel to the Nubia Luxury Camp in Morocco in the heart of the Sahara Desert at Erg Chegaga.  With Marrakech being just over 3 hours flight from the [...]

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Nubia Luxury Camp – Sahara – Morocco


The exclusive Erg Chigaga, Nubia Luxury Camp has been set up in the Sahara Desert to share this part of the world and its amazing scenery and people with fellow travellers and explorers, in [...]

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